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You’ve found us!  Have a look around and see if you find a good fit with your interests, or suggest something new.

Adoptive Family Travel

For more than two decades, Adoptive Family Travel has created heritage journeys for adoptees and their families. More recently, we are developing Next Gen trips for older adoptees and the people who are part of their lives.

Participants see the sites, learn about the culture, and visit people and places important to their adoption.

Programs are staffed by an English speaking guide, a Ties logistical genius, and a trained adoption specialist–all so that you can relax and focus on the experience in a supportive environment.

We provide adoptive heritage journeys in Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Korea, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, The Philippines, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam.

  • Adoptee Focused
  • Family Inclusive
  • Meaningful & Fun

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Ripple Effect Journeys

Join other globally minded women, interested in meaningful and fun travel experiences that have the power to make a difference.

Together, you’ll travel beyond the sights as Ripple Effect Journeys introduces you to people striving to improve their lives and the organizations empowering them to do so.

You’ll come to understand the challenges they face and champion the possibilities by encouraging local people to work toward sustainable solutions within their own communities.

Be a partner for change, and allow that energy to accompany you home.

That’s Ripple Effect Journeys – Travel with Impact!

  • A Community of Women
  • Exploring the World
  • Traveling with Impact

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Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of Discovery programs allow you to dive deeper into the parts of the world you visit.

Specialized trips are open to all–individuals and families alike. With our strong background working with families, we we are the perfect match for both beginner and seasoned traveler.

Global Food Adventures (Yum!) From field to table, you’ll experience a country via the unique things they eat and drink.

Service trips are focused on making daily life more comfortable for struggling communities. We primarily focus on connecting with people, understanding their needs, and helping them where it is appropriate and sustainable.

Our Cultural Adventures bring in a vast array of experiences celebrating the unique cultures of the world.

Some of our trips incorporate or focus on “active wellness” both for our travelers, and for the people we interact with in-country.

  • Global Food Adventures
  • Culture & Wellness
  • Service & Learning Trips

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